Myths About Trees Around Artificial Grass

Sometimes people do not consider doing things because of myths that surround them. However, these myths are not usually true. The same can be said for the myths surrounding artificial grass and trees. Many think they simply cannot coexist in the same yard and feel they have to make a decision between having the one or the other. This is not the case though. It just means planting the right kind of trees or carefully pre-planning to accommodate the trees that already exist in your yard.

While it is true that some types of trees can ruin your artificial turf, the types of trees that can are few and far between. Really the only tree you have to be mindful of is a conifer tree. These trees will not only uproot grass, but they can also uproot concrete due to the way their root systems grow. Artificial Grass Liquidators can give some recommendations on best ways to install your artificial grass should you choose to install it yourself.

Myth 1

You cannot plant artificial turf right up to the trunk of a tree. Yes you can! Even though artificial turf does not require water to grow or be maintained, it breathes. This allows for quick drainage into the soil below where the water can be used by the tree instead. It does not dry your tree roots out in any way.

Myth 2

You cannot have them coexist. Yes you can! It just all depends on how you want them to coexist. You can choose the more natural look as stated above, or you can choose a more landscaped look. This can be accomplished by digging well areas around the trees, leaving space between the turf and the trunk. You can fill this well in with soil or mulch and plant flowers or create a rock bed. The possibilities are limited to your imagination. The tree will still get the water it needs to survive because your artificial turf will drain water into the well area for the tree. Planting flowers will be okay too as they will get the water they need also, but not take so much water that the tree does not get any.

Myth 3

You won’t be able to rake up the leaves. Again, not true. You can use rakes on artificial turf. You can also use leaf blowers or powered brooms to remove the leaves from your lawn.